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Seeing Further.

Seeing More.

Qualitative insight that embraces the unconventional to help brands thrive

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What we do is what you need

From full-service qualitative research to stand-alone moderation and analysis.



JMM Consulting frequently collaborates with experts from other fields - these include planners, semioticians, service designers and specialists in digital change.



We routinely work with research consultancies to run projects or provide expertise on challenging topics. Kantar, Ipsos MORI, EssenceMediacom and Thinks Insight & Strategy are just some of the experts we collaborate with.


What distinguishes us

We help brands reach and understand diverse audiences and different cultures


Looking Further

We look further than people and their perspectives by looking deeper into the subtle currents of cause, context and culture.


Digging Deeper

Travelled and ethnically diverse, JMM Consulting brings the cultural competence and situational awareness to uncover a more nuanced understanding of people – especially those audiences less often heard.


Challenging Topics

We are especially accomplished in diversity and inclusion research, as well as other topics that need a highly sensitive approach.



We can tone switch and hear authentic voices. We’re as comfortable in a corner office CEO interview, as we are in dancehall clubs at midnight, helping spirit brands understand Jamaican culture.



We sift for the small details without losing sight of the big picture. And have the confidence to tell our clients the things their organisations need to hear.

Questions we've enjoyed tackling

How can culture sector organisations extend their reach by becoming more inclusive? How do people from minority ethnic backgrounds feel about the way they are portrayed in programming on the BBC? How do pre-teens and teenagers relate to the portrayal of gender roles in advertising? What do early and late majority consumers want from the Smart Home? What are the emotional hooks around ‘nostalgia' and ‘discovery’ that can enhance consumers' engagement with content streaming services?

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