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JMM Consulting is led by John Miller, who has refined his craft over two decades

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"The way John shares his research findings, full of warmth and positive challenge triggers self-insight and awareness in others, leading to new and different actions that support inclusion. We look forward to working with John again”

Clare Russell, Partner WDI Consulting

I spend my time talking to people and listening to their stories. I make people feel comfortable – they open up to me. 


For several years I worked in media consultancy and strategy planning, examining the thorny challenges faced by brands. Increasingly, I saw how the human condition drove so much of what we need to see in the world.


I’m drawn to challenging and sensitive research, often focused on diversity and inclusion, which require not only the empathy to explore but also the fluency and rigour to craft engaging narratives that inspire positive change.


I believe profoundly in the value of qualitative research in tackling issues that, when properly de-coded, can transform the fortunes of brands, organisations and the communities they serve.


I love what I do, my heart is on my sleeve and I’m curious enough that I embrace opportunities to share the space and work with others who are equally committed to their craft.


I am a Certified Member of the MRS and JMM Consulting is an Accredited MRS Company Partner.

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